Types of Intelligence? There Are Seven!

Multiple Intelligence Test in India

The tests were something that helped in proving the intelligence in the people. The results of the intelligence test or very popularly known IQ test actually helped in differentiating between the people and their level of the intelligence. Though this test was standardized yet the researchers continued their research and came up to the very fact of the various additional intelligence factors. There were in fact these factors very much present when the IQ test was standardized yet it took time recognizing the very same.

The various factors of the intelligence:

The following are the various factors of the intelligence that one can come around:

  • The very interpersonal relationships are the very first thing,
  • Next comes the factor of the discipline,
  • And ultimately the factor of the persistence.

With the help of these factors it actually was revealed that there are various types of intelligence as well and one theory that actually proved this to be true was the Multiple Intelligence tests theory. This was exactly what the standard IQ test was not. It was though sure that one generally shows only one type of intelligence but with proper training they can acquire the others too. The Multiple Intelligence test was made by the psychologist who actually believed that there are 7 types of intelligence.

The 7 Types of Intelligence:

The 7 types of intelligence and all about their characteristics are as follows:

  1. The Linguistic Intelligence: these are the very left brained people who have the very talent of expressing themselves with the abilities of speech and writing. They haven awareness that is strong and also an ability that helps them in understanding others.
  2. The Logic Intelligence: these are the right brained and organised as well as disciplined people who can easily deal with the logic and mathematics. They can solve complicated problems in a jiffy. They do it by diving the problems into smaller parts and then solve the very same.
  3. The Kin aesthetic Intelligence; this kind of intelligence is associated with the people who specializes in the very athletic people. They can easily sense the space, or distance, or depth and size. Their control on their body movements is amazing. The cerebellum controls this.
  4. The Spatial Intelligence: the people will an interest in art of 2D and 3D images. They can manage to imagine, and very well create and also see few and rare things that others can. Talk about people who create games?
  5. The Musical Intelligence: very much rare. The people have the ability of listening to sound and also identifying the various notes and the various patterns. Known as having the “absolute pitch“ the people in this group can create amazing music and mostly learns to play instruments on their own.
  6. The Interpersonal Intelligence: the born leaders. Not the one who just claims but practically the ones who takes responsibilities, teaches and bring out the very best in the others. They inspire others as well.
  7. The Interpersonal Intelligence: The rarest in the entire group, these people are self-connected. They are the most reserved yet aspire for great admiration from friends and families.

These are the seven very types of intelligence available. People can always get the very best out of them.


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